Geolux orford monitoring software

Geolux provides enterprise SCADA software for monitoring the status of multiple security-defense radars installed  on site. The monitoring software can remotely be used if necessary.The software displays a map of the area and overlays the radars and detected target information overlapping  the map. Additionally, the software can control PTZ-enabled CCTV cameras in ip or thermal format through ONVIF protocol,  when a target is detected, the nearest camera automatically pan-tilts and zooms to  the detected target for identification. Auto tracking of the target follows through.The software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, and its user interface can be accessed through web browser from smart phones,tablets,remote computors.                                         


        RSS-3-300 M Portable or Fixed Defense Radar

        Precise Target Location and Tracking | 400 m Pedestrian Detection Range | Lightweight.

        Fixed FMCW Radar for Defense Applications,Rugged, heavy-duty, operates in harsh environments.Detects both               static and moving targets ,Precise angle and distance measurement for each detected target. Mapping software               plots intruders .Operates in K-band (24.125 GHz or 24.200 GHz .Human detection range up to 400 m (1150 ft).                 Vehicle detection range up to 750 m (2450 ft) .Water craft on water detection range up to 2km  (6560 ft). Speed                 detection precision: +/-0.25 km/h. Distance detection precision: +/-3.5 m. Operating temperature  range from -40               °C to +85 °.Low power consumption (< 3,5 W/ typically 2,5 W). input voltage 9 to 22Vdc.  IP66 aluminum casing.                RS232, RS-485 and Lan Ethernet output .Alarm output communication interfaces. 






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